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Welcome to everyone 
    who really love their sister....


Sister, Little Brother
By Handsum-Hart

I beheld the glossy yellow flowers
And the heart-shaped leaflets
On a rare buttercup plant
And I said "wow, how very beautiful"
But this could not compare
To the prettier-than-a-rose beauty
I beheld in my sister’s
Heart-pleasing smile, each school day
As she escorted me to kindergarten 

I heard the ear-soothing melody
Coming from the flapping wings
Of a humming bird
And I said "wow, how lovely the sound"
But this could not compare
To the heavenly sound
I heard nightly
Coming from my sister’s
Vibrating vocal cords
As softly she said
"Dream big, my little freckled-face brother"

I tasted the flavor
Of hard, sticky candy called butterscotch
Made from melted butter and brown sugar
And I said "wow, how sweet this is"
But it could not compare
To the sweet taste of the sisterly love
That has been sticking to my heart
Every since my sister held me
In her caring arms 
As her little baby brother